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What is Oral Cancer?

Posted on 12/19/2022 by Elmwood Dental Group
What is Oral Cancer?Generally, cancer is abnormal cell growth that can destroy the surrounding tissues. Therefore, the term, oral cancer is the abnormal cell growth in the various parts that make up the oral or mouth cavity. These parts include the throat (Pharynx), sinuses, soft and hard palate, the floor of your mouth, cheeks, tongue, and lips. Therefore, when you have cancerous cells in any of these parts, you might be at risk of suffering from oral cancer.

What are the symptoms

There are several symptoms of oral cancer that should get you worried when you notice them. The first symptom is bumps or lumps in your gums, lips, and also in the parts and tissues of your mouth.

When you have oral cancer, you will also develop white and red, red, or velvety white spots in your mouth. You can also experience bleeding in the gums and other soft tissues of your mouth without any explained injury or cause.

Another tell-tale sign that you are at risk of oral cancer is sores on your mouth, neck, and face, which persist, easily bleed, and do not go away after two weeks.

You are likely to have problems with moving your jaw when chewing, speaking, and swallowing food. This is due to the sores and lumps that appear in your mouth and throat.

What are the risk factors

Smoking cigarettes increases your chances of developing oral cancer. The chances of developing oral cancers are six times higher than when you do not smoke.

Also, excessive consumption of alcohol can increase the chances of you developing oral cancer. Genetics can also play a part if your family lineage has a person who suffered from cancer.


Regular dental check-ups are important in diagnosing the condition. the dentist will examine your mouth and other tissue looking for lumps and other symptoms. The dentist can also perform a biopsy to screen for cancer.

Oral cancer is life-threatening and you should have an oral cancer screening. You can visit our clinic if you require oral cancer to determine if you are at risk.

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