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Does Getting a Root Canal Hurt or Not?

Posted on 1/23/2023 by Elmwood Dental Group
Does Getting a Root Canal Hurt or Not?The root canal is the most feared dental procedure despite being the safest. Why do so many individuals avoid the one thing with the greatest chance of saving a badly damaged tooth? A root canal can alleviate tooth discomfort by removing the bacteria that grow in infected mouths.

Does Getting a Root Canal Hurt Your Teeth?

Before beginning, patients are given an anesthetic so they do not feel pain or discomfort inside their mouths. And feel absolutely nothing! Some discomfort is expected once the procedure has been completed, but most people find the pain easily manageable and goes away within a few days.

An Overview of the Root Canal Procedure.

Endodontic treatment, often known as "root canal therapy," cleans a tooth's root's pulp chamber and pulp. Examination of the mouth and teeth to determine the severity of decay is the first step in this multi-stage process.

On the big day, the dentists will inject a local anesthetic into the area to numb it so that a patient will not feel any pain. Dental work begins with successful sedation, followed by a mouth opening to remove infectious tissue around the tooth.

After the affected area has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, a filler is inserted. A crown or big filling is placed over the tooth to hide the exposed root and complete the procedure.

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Root canals are completely painless; therefore, there is no need to avoid them. Due to the use of local anesthetics, the treatment causes no pain. There will be no pain at all.

Do not disregard your tooth's health; commit to the most effective treatment plan. Questions? Get in touch with our team of specialists. It takes little effort to get in touch with us.

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