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Dental X Rays During Pregnancy Are They Safe?

Posted on 1/9/2023 by Elmwood Dental Group
Dental X Rays During Pregnancy Are They Safe?During pregnancy, your body undergoes huge amounts of changes, but it does not mean that you have to ditch your dental care routine. It is paramount you take extra care of your teeth and gums to avoid things such as pregnancy gingivitis. If you stick to dental visits scheduled at the time of pregnancy, odds are that you may have to get dental X-rays at some point. Perhaps, what you are worried about is if dental X-rays during pregnancy are safe.

Dental X rays and Pregnancy

The American Pregnancy Association and the American Dental Association both agree that the amount of radiation that dental X-rays use is pretty very low and is not enough to harm a pregnant woman or even her baby. However, to ensure dental X-rays are safe during pregnancy, there are other things that need to be considered to provide an extra layer of protection.

A dentist will have to use a leaded apron that helps minimize exposure to radiation when getting an X-ray. The apron is designed to be long enough, allowing sufficient coverage of the abdomen, meaning that the baby is protected during the process of taking X-rays. Although the apron may feel heavy, however, you wear it only for a short amount of time. It is safe for use at all stages of a woman's pregnancy.

Making Better Choices

While the dental X-ray process is considered safe for women during pregnancy, you may want to make proactive choices to help limit your exposure to X-rays. Make sure you inform our dentist immediately you become pregnant to help develop a treatment plan that works for you as well as the baby. You can even postpone X-rays until after the first trimester ends since this is the most crucial time for the baby's development. While this may not medically be necessary, somehow, it can offer you peace of mind.

In the case of routine dental X-rays, you can postpone them until you deliver your baby. However, if our dentist sees that it is necessary to have routine X-rays, there is no cause for alarm. It is critical to detect dental issues before they become serious and if X-rays have to be performed, that is OK.

Contact our dentist today for an appointment to examine your gums and teeth. We want you to maintain good dental health while also ensuring the health of your baby. Don't be afraid of X-rays during your pregnancy.

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