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Reasons Zygomatic Dental Implants Suit Elderly Patients

Posted on 6/19/2023 by Elmwood Dental Group
Reasons Zygomatic Dental Implants Suit Elderly PatientsZygomatic dental implants are a great way for older people to replace missing teeth for many reasons. Below we go into detail on how these types of implants are beneficial for older patients.

Less Invasive

Putting in a zygomatic implant is less invasive because it involves fewer cuts and less drilling. Most of the time, one zygomatic implant holds three to four artificial teeth. Since the procedure uses fewer anchor points, less oral tissue must be removed. So, older people who get zygomatic implants do not have to worry about damaging their tissues in a way that has never been done before.

Quick Healing

Zygomatic dental implant installation is minimally invasive and leaves few wounds, which makes it easier for an older person's body to heal. As a result, the injuries heal faster, the risk of infection decreases, and the quality and strength of the healing connective tissues improve. Most of the time, older patients are better able to talk and get back to their normal routines, such as eating healthy meals.

Secure Base

Zygomatic implants provide a stable and long-lasting base for artificial teeth. Stability comes from the attachment point, which is the cheekbone. The thick and strong zygomatic bone makes a strong anchor point for a dental implant. Also, the zygomatic bone does not move, so a dental implant will not be moved around much.

Short Process

Zygomatic implant placement is an outpatient single-step dental procedure. Bone grafting is unnecessary because the anchor points are on the dense zygomatic bone. So, patients only go through one healing stage, which is less stressful for older people who are missing several teeth. Seniors should think about zygomatic dental implants because they heal quickly.

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