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What Is a Dental Crown?

Posted on 7/10/2023 by Elmwood Dental Group
What Is a Dental Crown?A dental crown is a cap we place over your tooth. The primary purpose of this cap is to ensure that a missing or broken tooth looks and functions normally. Whether you suffer from a sports injury or some of your teeth are missing, this is the perfect procedure to complete your smile once again. Apart from fixing a broken or chipped tooth, we also use crowns to enhance your teeth health or protect it.

What Are Dental Crowns Made of?

Dental crowns are made using various kinds of materials. These can be porcelain, ceramics, metal alloys, or even porcelain combined with metal. Porcelain fused with composite resin is also an option we provide. When a crown is made by our professionals, we match it with your natural teeth color so it blends well. Before choosing the right crown for you, we look at tooth position, gum health, and several other factors.

How Is a Crown Placed?

We place the crown over a couple of visits. We start off by preparing your tooth by getting rid of any decay or plaque and tartar from it. This allows the crown to fit better. We then digitally scan your teeth to create a 3D model. Once the permanent crown is ready, we will place it in your mouth and adjust it accordingly.

Once you are comfortable with the crown's placement, we secure it permanently. If are looking for crowns or want to know the best options for your damaged tooth, then book an appointment with us right away. We evaluate your dental health and lay down the best possible options to help restore your smile and tooth functionality. We also ensure your crown matches your adjoining teeth not just in color but also in shape and structure.

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