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Impacted Canine Tooth

Posted on 1/2/2024 by Weo Admin
A Close up of woman smilingWhen the canine tooth does not come through the gums and into its appropriate location in the dental arch, it is said to be impacted. For unknown reasons, this condition typically affects the upper canines rather than the lower ones.

Causes of Impacted Canines

Both genetic predisposition and insufficient room in the dental arch contribute to the development of impacted canines. The presence of additional teeth or the early loss of infant teeth might throw off the common pattern of tooth eruption. Impacted canines often produce no outwardly apparent symptoms. Some symptoms may include the prolonged eruption of the canine tooth, soreness or discomfort in the jaws where the tooth will come out, and extended retention of the baby canine tooth.


Diagnosing an impacted canine with dental X-rays and exams is normal practice. In either case, the tooth will be repositioned or extracted as required.


Orthodontic treatment, such as braces, may be necessary to make room in the jawbone for the impacted tooth. The impacted tooth is surgically exposed, and an orthodontic bracket and wire are attached to help move the tooth into place.


Several problems can arise if an affected canine is not addressed. The roots of neighboring teeth may resorb, cysts or tumors may form, the teeth may shift position, and the impacted tooth may negatively affect the aesthetics of the smile if it is in a prominent area.


Regular dental exams are crucial for the timely detection and management of oral health issues, particularly in the developmental stages. If you have doubts regarding the teeth development of your child, scheduling an appointment with our dentist is recommended.

When diagnosed and treated promptly, impacted canines are a common dental problem that rarely requires extraction. Visits to our dentist should be scheduled regularly so that any issues may be addressed as soon as possible and healthy teeth can grow.

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