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Common Braces Problems and How To Fix Them

Posted on 2/2/2024 by Weo Admin
A close up of a smile with bracesBraces can work wonders in achieving a beautiful smile, but occasionally, users encounter common issues that may require some attention. Here are common braces problems and tips for addressing them.

Food Stuck In Braces

Individuals often struggle with food getting trapped in braces. If food particles become trapped under the brackets and bands, it can cause discomfort for the wearer. You can carefully remove the particles using floss, a toothpick, or a toothbrush.

Prevention is key: Adhere to the advice of your orthodontist on avoiding sticky and hard foods. It is advisable to avoid consuming hard candy, chewing gum, and nuts. Opt for bite-sized pieces of crunchy fruits and vegetables to maintain proper nutrition. It is important to limit your intake of sugary treats. If you do have them, be sure to rinse your mouth with water and brush your teeth thoroughly afterward.

Protruding Wire

Sometimes, a wire from your braces may cause discomfort by poking the inside of your lips and cheeks. To alleviate this discomfort, you can gently push the wire back until it no longer feels sharp. If this does not help, you can cover the wire with orthodontic wax and request further assistance from your dentist. Regularly check for rough spots with your tongue and inside your cheeks to prevent such occurrences.

Mouth Irritation

New braces may cause irritation to the inside of your cheeks, lips, and tongue. This is normal initially but tends to diminish as your mouth adjusts. If you want to alleviate and prevent irritation, one effective method is to apply orthodontic wax on troublesome spots. This is particularly beneficial when eating and talking.

Teeth or Jaw Pain

It is common to feel sore after getting braces or adjustments. Stick to soft foods and take over-the-counter pain meds to ease discomfort. If the pain lasts over two weeks or is severe, contact us for assessment.

While braces may present challenges, addressing them promptly and following guidelines can contribute to a smoother orthodontic journey. Feel free to contact our dentist if you have any concerns or encounter issues not covered here.

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