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How Much Produce is Necessary Each Day For a Healthy Smile?

Posted on 9/20/2018 by Elmwood Dental Group
How Much Produce is Necessary Each Day For a Healthy Smile?Everyone knows that you need to eat your vegetables. As adults, we tend to get stuck in a beige rut with our foods. Breads, grains, granola bars, white bread, potatoes, cookies, grilled chicken and pasta and we forget about adding the produce that our bodies need. Of course, not all of the beige foods are bad choices for you, they're just not meant to be the staple of our dietary intake.

Admittedly, they're less expensive, but they're also high in sugar, fat and salt and they lack the nutritional value that our bodies need to be healthy. Not only does eating enough produce every day build a better, healthier body, it helps build a healthier smile as well!

Why Produce?

Fruits and vegetables are full of good things that our bodies need. Calcium for stronger teeth can be found in all dark green leafy vegetables, as well as in things like purple cabbage. Vitamin B is found in carrots, avocado, broccoli, brussel sprouts, bananas, apples and many other fruits and veggies. Vitamin B is a key component for fighting periodontal disease, or gum disease.

But how much produce is recommended? The United States Department of Agriculture recommends that an adult getting less than 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day should consume between 2 to 3 cups of produce per day. While that may sound like a lot, if you work a single ½ cup serving of fruits or vegetables into each meal, that's already 1 ½ cups.

You're half way there! A couple of snacks throughout the day can increase that intake to 3 cups. Not to mention that snacks like apples or carrots not only give you the nutrients you need, they help keep your mouth clean as well!

Eating well in addition to regular cleanings and checkups in our office will ensure that you have a healthy smile for years to come. Call us today and schedule your next appointment.

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