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How Often Do You Need to Come In for an Exam When You Only Have a Few Natural Teeth Left?

Posted on 9/30/2018 by Elmwood Dental Group
How Often Do You Need to Come In for an Exam When You Only Have a Few Natural Teeth Left? Sometimes our elderly patients don't visit us as often as they should because of a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, these patients many times lose their dental insurance once they retire and they don't have the financial means to continue with their dental care at our office.

It is a sad but all too real problem for our aging population, and one of our greatest concerns is that many oral issues could be avoided if these patients kept coming in for their regular checkups.

Certain things happen as you age. The nerves in your body shrink, you may not notice tooth sensitivity, and by the time any symptoms surface, it could be too late to save your tooth. Therefore, it is crucial to keep coming in for an exam, even when you only have a few teeth left.

Adults with Missing Teeth and Oral Health

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, in 2010, one in five Medicare recipients had not visited a dentist in five-years. Many times, our seniors can't afford to come in for their regularly scheduled cleanings.

Even if you have a few natural teeth left, it's important to get seen by our dentist and get an oral examination to make sure everything else in your mouth is in order. We can detect things such as oral cancer or other, more severe, conditions if we examine you regularly. We can also determine if your dentures need to be adjusted.

The same Kaiser Family Foundation survey found that one in four Medicare recipients were missing all their teeth. It is crucial that Americans get educated in what Medicare does and does not cover, and they prepare for their retirement, so they can pay for their oral care.

If you are one of our elderly patients and are concerned about how often you need to come in for an exam when you only have a few natural teeth left, please let us help you with some options.

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