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Mouth Guards Can Make Sports Safer and Sleeping Easier on Your Teeth

Posted on 4/25/2019 by Elmwood Dental Group
Mouth Guards Can Make Sports Safer and Sleeping Easier on Your TeethIf you've watched football, you have seen mouth guards. Mouth guards are those protective pieces of plastic that fit over your teeth to protect them from injury.

For example, is is possible that if you are playing football or basketball, you could get hit in the mouth with the ball. If the ball is thrown hard enough, you could lose a tooth. Mouth guards are very important for use with sports.

What if you are a tooth grinder or a teeth clencher? There are mouth guards for those too. In fact, the mouth guards for sports and for sleeping may look a lot alike. But are they the same thing? Could you use the same guard for both purposes? It may not be the best idea.

Mouth Guards for Sleeping and Sporting

Mouth guards for sports are usually thicker than those mouthguards used for sleeping. Also, mouth guards for sports are made to protect the front surface of the tooth, as this is the location most at risk for a sports injury. Usually, if someone gets hit in the mouth, it damages the front of the tooth, causing it to crack or break.

Sleeping guards are different. While they cover the surface of the tooth, they are really meant to cover the biting area of the tooth. This is because clenching and grinding of teeth occur on the biting surface of the tooth, not the front surface of the tooth.

While both mouth guards and sleeping guards are made to protect your teeth, the strength and coverage of the guards are different. What is the same about both guards is that guards can make sleeping easier for you, reduce your mouth pain, and save your mouth from injury.

We Can Help You Find the Mouthguard That Best Helps You

If you think you may need a mouth guard, why not give us a call? We would love to talk to you about the best ways to protect your teeth! Whether your teeth need protection from playing sports, or from your anxious grinding, we can help!

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