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Managing Sweet Cravings Without Ruining Good Oral Health
Posted on 7/7/2020 by Elmwood Dental Group
Managing Sweet Cravings Without Ruining Good Oral HealthA lot of us get cravings for candy and desserts, but you don't have to ruin your teeth in order to satisfy those sweet cravings. Today, we will be discussing general tips and dessert alternatives for managing your desire for sugar.

Reach For Dark Chocolate

One of the first things we think of when choosing a better-for-you treat is dark chocolate. It is incredibly satisfying after only 1-2 squares and to the delight of many, is good for your oral and physical health. Dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 72% or higher contains an oral bacteria-fighting chemical called polyphenols as well as antioxidants for your body. It is low in sugar, low in calories, and provides many health benefits. This is one treat you do not have to feel guilty about!

Drink Water

Are you immediately craving ice cream or cake after eating a meal? This may be dehydration kicking in! Before you reach for sweets, drink 10 ounces of water and see how you feel afterward. Chances are, your desire to consume a dessert will be either gone or less than it was. This also works if you are craving food in general, but are not actually hungry at the time.

Choose Healthier Alternatives

This is in line with the dark chocolate section. You can satisfy your cravings without eating a 900-calorie cheesecake by making healthier swaps. If you like gummy worms, switch to fresh, ripe berries of your choice. If you are wanting cake, try dark chocolate covered bananas. If you want ice cream, swap it for Greek yogurt with a low-sugar fruit spread. There are tons of tasty treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth without the cavities!

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