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Benefits of Using an Enamel Repair Toothpaste

Posted on 6/21/2021 by Elmwood Dental Group
Benefits of Using an Enamel Repair ToothpasteThe hard, protective outer layer of teeth is known as enamel. Enamel is made up of different minerals, and is actually harder than bone. When enamel is weakened, your teeth are susceptible to cavities, discoloration, cracks, chips, and heightened sensitivity. While tooth enamel cannot be replaced once it has eroded, enamel repair toothpaste can strengthen your enamel and aid in tooth remineralization. Read on to learn more.

How is Enamel Damaged?

There are a number of factors that can weaken your enamel. Consuming a lot of acidic beverages like soda, coffee, sports drinks, and fruit juice, or eating a diet high in sugars and starches, can both contribute to acid erosion in your enamel. You probably already know that coffee, tea, and other acidic beverages stain your teeth, but that is actually because the acid in these drinks erodes your enamel and exposes a yellowish layer underneath. Even if you avoid acidic beverages, eating a lot of sugar or snacking frequently on starchy foods can lead to enamel erosion as well, since oral bacteria produce acid as they feed on sugar that lingers on your teeth.

Besides your diet, other factors that can damage your enamel and make you more susceptible to oral health problems include brushing your teeth too hard, using a hard-bristled toothbrush, grinding your teeth, or taking certain medications. Your likelihood of enamel erosion also increases as you age, since saliva production decreases with age and saliva is necessary for remineralization.

What Does Enamel Repair Toothpaste Do?

While the best way to prevent damage to your enamel is to limit your consumption of sugar and acid, certain toothpastes can help to rebuild and strengthen enamel that has already been weakened. These “enamel repair” toothpastes contain ingredients that make your teeth more resistant to acids, and some of them feature higher concentrations of fluoride than are typically found in a tube of normal toothpaste. Fluoride is an important ingredient to look for in toothpaste even if your enamel is not damaged, but extra fluoride could have at least a small impact on repairing and remineralizing weakened enamel. For recommendations on what enamel repair toothpaste to use, contact our office today.

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