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Why Do So Many People Use Too Much Toothpaste?

Posted on 9/21/2021 by Elmwood Dental Group
Why Do So Many People Use Too Much Toothpaste?Toothpaste is very important when it comes to oral cleaning. The amount of toothpaste you use per brushing session mostly depends on your preferences. However, there are some people that use too much toothpaste. The main reason they do so is that they think too much toothpaste ensures thorough cleaning.

As much as they might be doing it with good intentions, using too much toothpaste can have negative impacts. You might be convinced that your mouth is clean after using too much toothpaste, when that might not be the case. It is recommended that you use a smaller amount that will provide your enamel with sufficient fluoride. Using a smaller amount of toothpaste will also help you detect areas you are cleaning thoroughly.

In fact, some experts recommend that you brush your teeth without toothpaste first then going back to use toothpaste after a few minutes. By doing so, you help fluoride work better on your teeth and get rid of plaque. It also eliminates tartar buildup better and quicker. For better usage, you should know the recommended amount of toothpaste for both children and adults.

Adults — Pea-Sized Amount

For adults, a pea-sized amount of toothpaste will work effectively. Using more amounts than that is unnecessary and could lead to negative impacts. You can choose to use it on your toothbrush or after brushing. Either way, you should keep it low amounts to avoid the risk of damaged gums and teeth.

Kids — Rice Grain-Sized

For kids old enough to brush, a rice grain-sized amount of toothpaste will work. Kids are not excellent cleaners and could easily swallow toothpaste. If they accidentally swallow the toothpaste, it should be small enough not to cause any intestinal problems. Also, adult supervision is necessary to avoid any accidents. Visit our offices for more information on the need to use smaller amounts of toothpaste.

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