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What Does Sugar Do To Your Teeth?

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Elmwood Dental Group
What Does Sugar Do To Your Teeth?Soda, candy, and sweets can all be harmful to your teeth. The main reason these items are harmful to your teeth is the sugar that is in each one of them. Most patients do not realize the harm that sugar can cause in one's teeth so next time you are thinking about picking up a sweet treat, think twice.

Each person has natural bacteria within their mouth. Once this bacterium is introduced to sugar, they form an acid that is harmful to your teeth. Once the acid starts to build within your mouth, it then starts to damage your teeth by attacking them. This is not something that happens over time but actually right as the sugar is introduced into the mouth.

Enamel Erosion

If you eat a sweet or drink a soda, as stated above, an acid occurs once introduced into the mouth because of the bacteria that is already in your mouth. As the acid in the mouth begins to form, it then starts to damage the tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is a layer on the teeth that acts as a barrier between harmful items introduced into the mouth and protects the teeth. Once the tooth enamel has been eliminated by the acid, this then causes patents to have sensitivity to the teeth because the protective barrier is no longer there, and hot and cold foods will not irritate the patient.

Tooth enamel is very important to the patients' teeth as it acts as the protective barrier. Therefore, it is important that a patient takes great care of their teeth because enamel does not grow back once it is gone.

Sugar and Dental Cavities

Most patients have heard their parents tell them not to each too much candy because they do not want to get cavities. Cavities can be painful to the patient and sugar is the main cause of them. Soda, which is the number one cause of cavities has several ways it causes the cavities.

Like mentioned above, sugar removes tooth enamel which is important to the tooth. Once the bactiera forms, it then can sometimes start to cause holes in the tooth because it is eating away at the tooth itself which causes the cavities. Cavities are one of the most commonly treated issues within patients therefore, they are not as serious as some might think however it is important to try and not get them by introducing harmful products into your mouth.

It is important to kick the sugar habit. However, if you need more information on cavities we are here to help.

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