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How Juice and Soda Affect Toddler's Teeth

Posted on 2/21/2022 by Elmwood Dental Group
How Juice and Soda Affect Toddler's TeethChildren can suffer from tooth decay. Even if their baby teeth fall out, dental decay can occur at any age. Drinking many of the drinks we give our children is one of the leading causes of dental decay in children. Sugary drinks marketed as healthy are common on supermarket shelves.

Sugar Decays Teeth

You need to understand how sugar affects tooth enamel before you eliminate all sources of sugar. It isn't just sugar that causes problems. It is acid. Acids are formed when bacteria in your toddler's mouth break down sugar to create energy. As a result, the enamel of your child's teeth begins to erode. The result is tooth decay, rot, cavities, toothaches, and tooth sensitivity.

Avoiding Tooth Decay

Sugary foods should be avoided as a solution. Indulging from time to time is okay. Choose drinks that are low in sugar, though. Drinking water is one of the best drinks for children. Water helps remove microorganisms from the mouth and teeth. Furthermore, it keeps your tongue moist, which aids in saliva production. You can encourage your child to drink more water by adding fruit to the water. Fruit-infused water has a great flavor without any added sugars or other potentially dangerous ingredients. Milk is another good option. Calcium and vitamin D are essential components for the development of healthy bones and teeth, respectively. Plain milk is better than chocolate milk. Avoid milk with added sweeteners or flavors. Don't let your child drink more than one soft drink or juice per day. Even one will cause enough trouble. By diluting juice drinks with water, you reduced the amount of pure juice your kid consumed, therefore lowering the amount of sugar. Using a straw keeps acids and sugars away from your teeth. Even if your child brushes regularly, it is best to avoid providing him or her with juice or drinks before bedtime.

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