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What is Pulpotomy

Posted on 3/7/2022 by Elmwood Dental Group
What is PulpotomyIf you have any tooth issues, it is important to visit the dentist's office for an effective and lasting solution. Our dentists are knowledgeable and passionate about the practice and will guarantee that you find an effective treatment for your condition. One of the procedures that our professionals can perform is pulpotomy.

Pulpotomy is a dental procedure that is usually performed to save an infected and decayed tooth. Our dentist will typically treat the decayed pulp part of your tooth to save it from extraction. The pulpotomy procedure can also be performed if you or a loved one has deep cavity issues that expose the pulp, which puts you under threat of getting a bacterial infection in that part of your tooth. Pulpitis is the infection in the tooth's pulp. This procedure is also recommended for baby teeth in children.

Why is pulpotomy important in children

It might seem unnecessary to have a pulpotomy done on your child's baby teeth which will only fallout after some time. Your child's baby teeth are important to maintain the bone and gum structure for perfect dental adult health as they grow. Therefore, when you save the baby teeth, they will allow for proper growth and development of their permanent teeth.

Is it painful

At our clinic, we ensure that the procedure is pain-free for you or your child. When you come for the procedure, we ensure that we talk through the planning process to ensure that you have what is necessary for the procedure. We will also advise that you get a day that will give our dentists the best chance to carry out the procedure to completion.

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If you suspect that you or your loved one may have an infected pulp, it is important to get immediate treatment to save the tooth from extraction. We will ensure to employ effective procedures for complete recovery.

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