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Facts About Baby Teeth

Posted on 9/5/2022 by Elmwood Dental Group
Facts About Baby TeethAs soon as a baby reaches the age of roughly six months, baby teeth begin to erupt. Depending on the baby, as some live to be 18 months old, this may be different. Despite the fact that the teeth will eventually fall out, they still need to be properly cared for. You will receive advice from our dental staff on how to take care of baby teeth.

When Does The First Baby Tooth Fall Out?

Many infants develop their first tooth around the age of six months, although it can take up to a year. Thus, if after six months you don't notice any teeth erupting, don't panic.

Fluoride for Baby Teeth

For strong, healthy teeth, fluoridate your child's infant teeth lightly. A pea-sized amount that won't damage the delicate teeth is what our dentists advise.

Essentials for Jaw Development and Speech

The development of your kid's jaw and speech depend on the presence of baby teeth. So, ensure good tooth growth by taking the required safeguards.

Start Dental Visits As Soon As Possible

Bring your youngster in for a dental examination as soon as the first tooth erupts. This will make it possible for our dentist to start keeping an eye on your child's teeth's growth and development at a young age, ensuring the avoidance of common dental issues.

Make an appointment with our specialists, who will provide you with all the information you require on your child's baby teeth.

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