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Benefits of Dental Implants
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Diagram of a tooth replaced with a dental implantWhenever you lose a tooth due to decay, one of the best ways to get it replaced is with a dental implant. Dental implants have a lot of advantages over traditional tooth replacement options, and they are one of the best things that you can do for your teeth. Several of the benefits from dental implants can be hard to picture, so our dentists and oral surgeons at The Elmwood Dental Group LLC can help explain these benefits to you. Once you know what a good set of dental implants can do, then you might be more inclined to get dental implants for your teeth and mouth. They can improve your health and also work on your mouth’s durability, and there is really no reason not to choose them for replacing missing teeth.

A Dental Implant is Versatile and Comfortable

Most dental implants are versatile and able to be used no matter the number of teeth you have lost. While dentures and dental bridges are also good options for tooth replacement, it also requires you to have lost multiple teeth on the same arch. However, dental implants can be used for single teeth in a single tooth implant or several teeth in a multiple tooth implant. If you have lost multiple teeth, you can still connect dental implants to your dental bridges or crowns for even more versatility. Additionally, dental implants are very comfortable and molded directly into your jawbone. Rather than simply attaching them to screws or posts, we place them directly into your jaw. That makes things very comfortable, especially as you use your new teeth.


Dental implants are permanent structures that can support both permanent and removable dental restorations. For example, permanent restorations are either screwed onto or cemented to the dental implant. Removable restorations, on the other hand, can simply clip to dental implants so you would be able to take them out at your will. Whichever type of restoration you receive, dental implants are incredibly strong compared to other options. For instance, dentures that paste to your gums will shift throughout the day. Restorations attached to implants, though, do not move around. Additionally, dental implants are manufactured out of titanium. They do have a longer recovery period than other restoration procedures, but this allows them time to fuse with your bone tissue, making them a very solid support system. These do not wear down as other restorations would, and they can have a lifespan of up to 25 years. Being the strong restoration that they are, there is less concern about damage from the foods that you eat. In fact, dental implants provide a stronger bite force and allow you to return to all of your normal activities.

You Can Eat Your Favorite Foods

Missing teeth can cause lots of problems when it comes to eating and chewing, and even if you have dentures you can still have some dietary restrictions. For example, dentures can have hard or sticky food get underneath the dentures and cause irritation to your gums. However, since dental implants are attached to your jawbone, there is no space for anything to get underneath. This makes eating easier and also allows you to eat any food that you could ever want!

Dental Implants Look Natural

One of the best advantages of dental implants is that they look exactly like your natural teeth. We design dental implants to match your natural teeth and mouth, and the implants are designed to blend in with the rest of your teeth. Therefore, you can smile and be confident that no one will notice the difference. Dental Implants can certainly allow for a boost in self-confidence, hiding gaps, and other cosmetic issues in your mouth. You will be able to talk and smile, all thanks to your new dental implants.

Dental Implants Have No Impact on Healthy Teeth

Dental implants do not rely on the support of neighboring teeth. They are a stand-alone treatment and can be used to support a dental bridge to fill a multi-tooth gap, rather than modifying healthy teeth with a crown supported bridge, which inevitably weakens them.

With Dental Implants You Will Not Suffer From Jaw and Gum Resorption

Other tissues besides teeth can be absorbed back into your body, even if you are an adult. You can also lose gum tissue in the same way. Your tooth root goes down into your gums and into your jawbone. You may notice that your gum tissue is shrinking because your body thinks you don’t need the gums anymore and it can use the tissue elsewhere. Whether your body is absorbing your teeth, your gums, or your jawbone, resorption is serious. If it is allowed to continue, jaw and gum resorption can change the shape of your face. It can make your face appear older than it is. You may even lose more teeth because of your tooth, gum, or jaw resorption. With dental implants, your jawbone stays strong and supported and will not undergo any resorption.

Visual Appeal

Dental implants are unnoticeable since they are buried beneath the soft tissues in your mouth. The artificial teeth that they support resemble the look of natural teeth, so people will not be able to detect the difference. Additionally, since these are not affixed to the adjacent teeth as they would be in traditional procedures, you do not need to worry about visible wire frames or dental cement that connect the teeth together. Dental implants do not shift, as we explained previously. Not only does this improve their function, but it also means that you have a natural-looking smile at all times. Dental implants can provide a boost of self-confidence in both looks and ability that traditional restorations may not be able to match.

Getting Your Dental Implants

The benefits of having dental implants can let you eat your favorite foods, give you the comfort that you desire, and can even help with speech problems. They are also cost-effective whenever it comes to the price of implants versus the price of dentures or other teeth replacements. Getting implants can greatly improve your smile and the look of your facial structure.

If you want to get dental implants to improve the cosmetic nature of your teeth, or learn more about them, then please contact us at The Elmwood Dental Group LLC at (833) 432-1457. We can help with any of your concerns or questions.

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