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Types of Food That Causes Your Teeth to Stain

Posted on 1/25/2021 by Elmwood Dental Group
If you want a million-watt smile, Dr. Gomes and Dr. Patel can offer you a professional dental whitening treatment at The Elmwood Dental Group LLC. However, if you want your bright white smile to last long, you also need to be careful of the kind of food that you eat. Foods That Cause Tooth Stains There are several types of food that can discolor your teeth since they have strong pigmentation. It is wise to limit the intake of these foods and clean your teeth once you have consumed them so that you retain your bright white smile. Red Wine You may have noticed that your teeth turn a soft violet color when you drink red wine. That's because red wine contains acids, natural dyes, tannins, which can etch your teeth and stain them. Drinking red wine can lead to your teeth turning brown, purple, grey or blue, so limit its intake. Pasta Sauce Not many people are aware of it but something as innocuous as pasta sauce can stain your teeth. The bright red color and acidity found in tomatoes can yellow your teeth over time. To ensure pasta sauce does not discolor your teeth, also add leafy greens like broccoli, kale, and spinach which can form a protective layer over your enamel and stop it from staining. Berries Berries, including blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries also contain dark pigmentation, which can discolor your teeth. To reduce the risk of staining, you should wash down these berries with water or milk or chew some hard cheese, which can neutralize the acidity and prevent discoloration. Beverages Coffee, cola, and tea can all darken the natural color of your teeth. Overconsumption of black coffee and tea is one of the major causes of dark stains on teeth. On the other hand, acidic drinks like colas and sodas can erode your enamel and encourage more stains to form. That is why it is important to consume less of these beverages. Balsamic Vinegar The dark color of the balsamic vinegar can stick to your teeth and lead to discoloration over time if you do not brush your teeth quickly after consuming it. Another good idea is to chew on crunchy fruit and vegetables like apple and lettuce that can clean away the stains as you eat. Curry The bright yellow color of curry powder can turn your teeth yellow overtime. Because of the high staining capabilities of curry, it is a good idea to reduce the use of this spice or to tamper it with crispy fruit and veggies. Many of the above food is good for your health but they can lead to tooth stains if you do not clean your teeth properly. If you have discolored teeth, call us at The Elmwood Dental Group LLC by calling at (860) 331-8748 and we can help your teeth regain their former glory....

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