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The Elmwood Dental Group LLC offers this blog as a resource to the community. Our hope is that this blog will cover subjects that you may be interested in.

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Our dental blog provides our patients with extra information about our practice and dentistry.

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What is the Danger of Having a Cracked Tooth if it Doesn't Hurt?
Posted on 1/25/2020 by Elmwood Dental Group
Do you have a cracked tooth? A lot of times, cracking a tooth is a painful situation that requires emergency dental work. It can be very painful, especially if it cracks the tooth right down to the root. However, while many cracked teeth are painful, that's not always true. You may have a cracked tooth but didn't immediately realize it because it doesn't hurt. If that's the case, does it mean everything is fine and you can wait until your next appointment to deal with it? Not at all! Cracked teeth can still be a danger even if they don't hurt at all. It Leaves Your Mouth Open to More DamageEven if there's no pain, a cracked tooth does open your mouth to bacteria. It can easily slip into the tooth and start decaying it from the inside out, and that will eventually cause you pain. It may even cause the crack to widen to the point that your tooth breaks off or falls out. It can allow bacteria to eat away the remaining protection around the nerve, opening it to the air and causing you extreme pain. A cracked tooth also allows bacteria into the gums under the tooth and even into your bloodstream. This can cause infections to reach other parts of your body. It can lead to an infection of the blood, bone, or even a blood clot in the sinus cavities. These can be life-threatening situations. Is Your Tooth Cracked?You may not notice when you cracked a tooth, but you can take the time to regularly inspect your mouth from cracked teeth and other damage. Visually inspect all of your teeth, and use two mirrors to look at the backs of the teeth if possible. You can also use your tongue or finger to carefully feel each tooth for cracks. If you suspect you've cracked a tooth, even if you never feel any pain from it, call us to set up an exam as soon as you can. We need to make certain the cracked tooth is repaired as soon as possible....

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What is the Danger of Having a Cracked Tooth if it Doesn't Hurt?
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