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Root Canal Therapy
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Dentist talking to beautiful smiling patientHere at The Elmwood Dental Group LLC, we stop dental pain or discomfort from ruining your day. Root canal therapy is one way we do this. When our patients come in, they often expect root canal therapy to be excruciating. Thanks to modern dental techniques and technology, they find the opposite is true. Today's treatments are quick, and you experience minimal discomfort.

What Is A Root Canal?

The root canal is the natural cavity found at the center of the tooth. It contains soft tissue called pulp, blood vessels, nerves, and living connective tissues. A chipped or cracked tooth can cause this area to become infected or inflamed. Deep cavities, as well as prior dental work or trauma, can also cause issues.

Visit our offices if your tooth is painful or discolored or if you have discomfort when chewing and the area is sensitive to heat or cold. Also, visit us if the area around the tooth and bone and nearby lymph nodes are tender. We will conduct a thorough examination and find out if you need a root canal treatment.

What to Expect During Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy treatments need two or more sessions. Each visit lasts between 30 - 90 minutes. First, we take x-rays. These confirm if you need root canal therapy. They'll also show us the extent of the problem. Next, we'll numb the infected tooth and the surrounding area. We use a local anesthetic injection that takes effect in a few minutes. From this point on, you should feel no pain, only sensations of pressure. A sheet called a dental dam is then fixed around the tooth to isolate it. It keeps the area free of saliva that can get in the way of the procedure. It also prevents you from swallowing any substances used in the treatment. Using a small drill, we will create an opening in the crown of the affected tooth to gain access to the root canal. Using small, multi-length instruments known as files, we'll remove the infected pulp. This tool also shapes the area and widens it so it can hold the filling material. Our dentists use water or sodium hypochlorite to flush away any debris. They'll also use disinfectant to disinfect and remove any remaining traces of infection. If the infection is severe, we will fill the canal with medication and seal it with a temporary filling. This gives it time to heal. At your follow-up visit, we'll re-examine the space for infection. If it's gone, we'll fill the canal with gutta-percha, a rubber-like material. We'll reseal it with a temporary filling. At your final visit, we'll replace it with a permanent filling or a crown. Our team wants you to be as comfortable with the procedure as possible and will do what they can to make you feel at ease. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

If you are experiencing pain in your teeth, contact The Elmwood Dental Group LLC at (833) 432-1457 today to book an appointment. Let us help you save your tooth.

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A root canal is a procedure available to save a tooth that is infected and otherwise would require extraction. If you're experiencing any tooth pain, call today.
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